How To Buy A Winning Ticket

1) Know Your Numbers: TheLotter provides all the data you need to figure out this crucial step. At the time of writing, the number 5, 48, 39, 4, 46 and 3 as a bonus are sure fire winners - each occurring over 170 times in the past five years. No other numbers occur as often. It stands to reason that this trend will continue.

2) ALL the Numbers: Unless, of course, 55, 54, 53, 56, 52 and 37 are drawn. These are the numbers that occur the least, and it stands to reason that they're bound to hit any day now. you just need to be holding the winning ticket when they do.

3) When Picking Numbers, Pick the RIGHT Numbers: Put the pencil down. When I say the right numbers, I mean exactly the opposite of penciling in the rightmost column. Patterns never win. Remember that. This goes for any type of pattern. Lines, diagonals, diamonds, squiggly lines. If you're trying to make your lottery ticket look like a 9th grade scantron masterpiece, you're throwing away a dollar and your time. Keep your numbers random.

4) Seriously, Keep Them Random: Over half of all winning tickets were picked randomly by quick pick. The other half were picked by regular folks who liked certain numbers and their tenacity paid off. What I'm trying to say is that pure dumb luck wins it all half the time.

5) If you buy a ticket, OWN it: I mean this literally. If you buy a ticket, sign it. It's the only way to make sure only you can collect when the time comes. Tickets are as good as cash - like traveler's checks. And like traveler's checks, they need to be signed, otherwise anyone can party with them. Protect your investment. Sign your ticket as soon as you get your mittenhooks on it.

6) Avoid Clever Sequences: I already told you not to make fancy patterned artwork on your ticket. Keep it simple. This applies to sequences as well. You think you're smart playing your Fibonacci sequence because "it's present in all of nature", until you realize that this will never work. Lotteries don't follow patterns of any sort.

7) If You're Going To Play, Play BIG: Yes, this means playing the biggest lottery there is - the Mega Millions. But it also means making an investment. Don't buy just one ticket. Wait until the jackpot is nice and big and buy as many tickets as you can. This maximizes the amount of tickets you have that can potentially win.

And that's about it for now. These are the white had methods. There are black hat methods out there, and they are powerful. I don't condone them because they often eschew the law. Keep it clean and win it big. That's what I always say.