People like to think that playing the Mega Millions Lottery to win it is somehow difficult. That it takes skill or knowledge or an inside scoop. Yet nothing could be further from the truth. Of all the games in the world, none is as simple as the Mega Millions Lottery. What does it require of you? For starters, it requires a single measly dollar. For good measure it's always good to have a dream to go along with the dollar. And then it requires you to pick six numbers out of a grid of 56 and one more number out of another grid of 46. That's pretty much it. If you can't be bothered to pick the numbers yourself you can use a quick pick to select the numbers automatically for you. This is not a bad strategy. About half of the winning tickets are selected through quick pick.

Of course this means you have to get up, put your shoes on, button your sweater, and leave the house because lottery tickets have to be purchased in person. No. I'm just kidding. You don't even have to leave home to play the lottery these days. If you want to play Mega Millions, all you have to do is sign up with TheLotter and you can play the lottery directly from your browser at home. Nothing could be easier or more convenient.

You might wonder how you can play the lottery online since they really do require you to own a ticket. The way it works is that someone puts on the shoes and the sweater and walks over to the shop to buy the ticket for you. There's a fee attached to the purchase, but when you realize that a human being is actually taking time to go out and purchase a ticket on your behalf, it seems absurdly low.

Of course, this opens up a whole host of possibilities. The law states that it doesn't matter whether you're in the US or out, whether you're a citizen or not. All the law cares about is whether or not you have the winning ticket. It follows, then, that you could be located pretty much wherever you want in the world when you buy your Mega Millions ticket. You could literally be sipping Mai Tais on a beach in Bali and get your lottery tickets by clicking a button on your cell phone.

You see, when I said that the Mega Millions Lottery was the easiest game in the world to play I really meant it. It takes so little effort that you have no excuse not do play it. The prizes are astronomical and the entrance fee is so low that it's a joke and the barriers to entry are non-existent. Then again, not everyone wins the lottery. You would know it if it were the case. So maybe the truth is that, yes, the Mega Millions is easy to play, but not so easy to win. However, there is a way! Keep checking back to read my articles on how I became a lottery winner.